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Hi, I’m Aaron Simumba, welcome to my website.

In my current job, I work for mPharma as a Data Management Associate. In another life, I am an Accounting and Finance major. Graduated from the University of Namibia with a BA degree in Accounting(Honours). Previously tutored Business Administration students in the art of business and accounting at the University of Zambia.

I am lost in the Data Science web… hoping to find my way out of the maze soon. I find data and the process of data analysis to glean insight from the raw data, overly exciting and fascinating alike.

In addition, I’m fascinated by stock markets and everything with a business and finance buzz.

I can be found on Github poking around interesting projects… and occasionally I rant on twitter.

For this website

This will be a place where I share my daily musings in the world of R, Stock markets, and mostly, everything remotely interesting. I have a knack for learning interesting data analytics technologies.

Let's have fun! 😄

Courses completed:

  • Data Analysis with Spreadsheets - DataCamp

  • Introduction to R course - DataCamp

  • Introduction to SQL for Data Science Course - DataCamp

  • Introduction to the Tidyverse - DataCamp

  • Reporting with R Markdown - DataCamp

  • Introduction to Git for Data Science - DataCamp

  • Intro to Statistics with R: Introduction DataCamp

  • Spreadsheet Basics DataCamp

  • Introduction to Data and Probability Coursera

  • Learn the Command Line Codeacademy

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